Casa Jimenez Wines & Tapas - dining room - table, chairs

Welcome to Casa Jimenez Wines & Tapas!

Family owned business featuring fine wines, specializing in Spanish wines to be more specific, cold tapas, imported hams and cheeses from Spain. Speciality hams to include Serrano, Iberico, Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra. Embutidos such as chorizo, lomo (smoked pork loin). The food service side of the business is open on Fridays & Saturdays from 5 pm - 9 pm. Check out the calendar tab to see when we have live music. 


Origin of Casa Jimenez


The original Casa Jimenez was founded in 1957 by Jose Matias Jimenez in Havana, Cuba. The family left Cuba and came to Tampa, FL in 1960. This new location for Casa Jimenez is a tribute to the original founder and will be run by his son and Grandchildren.




Get Spanish Wine Here

Casa Jimenez is first and foremost a wine store. We specialize in Spanish wines whether its Tempranillo, Garanacha, Monastrell, or any other unique varietals we can find. We also carry domestic, and some French and Italian wines as well. We maintain competitive pricing with the big boys, and carry wines that they don't have, so don't be shy in stopping by. You just might be surprised at the deals we have on wines. Here is a link to our Facebook page so that you can see the most current weekly updates.

NEW Changes to Casa Jimenez 03/12/2015

Starting this week The Tapas/Food consumption side of the business will be closed Tuesdays - Thursdays and will only be open Fridays and Saturdays starting at 5 pm and closing at 9 pm. We are still available for private functions/special events (i.e. musical events, charities, pharma parties, etc will all have food service) during the week. The retail store will continue operating normally Tuesday - Saturday from 1 pm - 8 pm.

You will still be able to consume wine by the glass or by the bottle through out the week in the retail store however, seating is limited. We will have a Vino temp machine, by the register, with 4 bottles of wine so that you may order different wines by the glass if you wish.

Also an idea to keep in mind is that you can always buy your wine from Casa J and take it to which ever restaurant you're going to. You will then only have to pay a corkage fee, at the restaurant you are going to, but you're still saving money since wine is sold at restaurants and bars at double to triple the retail price, fyi.

Casa Jimenez Wines & Tapas - Owner carving  Jamon Iberico
Casa Jimenez Wines & Tapas - wine bottles on display
Casa Jimenez Wines & Tapas - wines and beer - entrance

Casa Jimenez Wines & Tapas - business front