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Hola Everyone,

And Welcome back to, ‘That Wine Has the Nose’! On this episode we’ll be discussing tastings, new wines at Casa J, why expensive wines seem to taste better, and the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.


Please join us this Good Friday 3/30/18 for a Good Wine tasting from 6-8pm for a trip down wine lane. We will have a very light tapas menu offer. It’s $5 per person to attend.

We will NOT be having a high end tasting this Saturday (as we are closing @ 4pm) we will resume next week!

As a side note please do not bring small children to wine tastings. This is an adult love affair with wine. Not to mention the glass house you’re bringing your child into. So please be considerate of the business and of the others that are also trying to have a good time and use Casa J as an escape from their daily routines.




On to Vine Juice….

Easter Sale!!!!!!!

10% off all White wines, Rose, Sparkling, and Sangrias this week. Sale ends this Saturday @ 4pm

On to Vine Science….

‘Why expensive wine appears to taste better: It’s the price tag’
When a bottle costs more, the reward center in the brain plays a trick on us.

Price labels influence our liking of wine: The same wine tastes better to participants when it is labeled with a higher price tag. Scientists have discovered that the decision-making and motivation center in the brain plays a pivotal role in such price biases to occur. The medial pre-frontal cortex and the ventral striatum are particularly involved in this…..

Here’s more on the article which had participants tasting wine while lying down in an MRI Scanner.

Full Article:…/2017/…/170814092949.htm

Well my wine guzzling Tampa Cats, that brings us the conclusion of yet another episode of, “That Wine Has the Nose’! I’m your host, Ace de Vine, and I’ll talk to you next week, same wine tyme, same wine channel! And due to the season here’s this:


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