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Hola Everyone,

On the primitive planet of Primitivo lives Zin King Ace and his family whose home is regularly beset by the malevolent phylloxera, and their constant invasions. Fortunately, Zin King Ace’s family have the help of their friends, the Viniferaloids, a cadre of varietals who contribute with powerful wine abilities of their own. Between their might and Zin King Ace’s cunning, bravery, and the secrets held within Vine Temple Casa J, the enemies of Primitivo don’t stand a chance.

Please join us this Friday the 13th from 6-8pm as Jason tastes you through A-, B+ and O-. Kekeke, just kidding, actually join us as David from Monsieur Touton tastes you on wines he’s collected on his vinifera journey. Juice from areas such as the egg yolk of Priorat, the rose gardens of France, the sparkling wine falls of Italy, the arid valley of Napa, just to name a few. All this for a measley five silver pieces, I mean, Five bucks ($5). The journey begins at 6 and ends at 8. Get here early!


On to the Vine……

Bodegas Sierra Cantabria Reserva 2010 Rioja, Spain – 100% Tempranillo aged for 18 months in French & American oak. A classic, slightly oxidized, style from Rioja which at first yields high acidity and low fruit, yet shows a little dark cherry, graphite, cedar, & spice along with a complex aroma. As it opens (Within 30 minutes) the acidity rounds out and joins the tannins, oak, fruit, and spices in a beautiful waltz style dance in your mouth. Long lingering finish.

Casa J price $25.99 (Regular price $29.99)…

See you vine draining, wine guzzling, Tampa Cats when you get here!

BTW Cats please RSVP for Saturday tastings I have to limit the tasting to 8 people. Plus we are looking at having the high end tasting with food once a month.


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